Bringing you closer to
the next step in your career

Bringing you closer to the next step in your career

It’s impossible to give you a short introduction without stating the obvious, but we decided to give it a try. We connect people like you to companies that will embrace you. What sets us apart from the rest is that we focus on your ambitions, but not without giving you our honest opinion about the possibilities. We assist you in every step of the way, aiming for a successful and sustainable match for you both!

Our Values


We are open and honest about the possibilities, about what to expect from TRIBE28 and about the agreements we have with our clients.


We bring years of collective experience in the IT industry. Our network results in a wide range
of exclusive market opportunities.


It’s all about you - your career, your ideas and your ambitions. Our job is to get you there.


Having fun is important. Working with us means personal contact, laughing and playing Ping Pong or Fifa at the office. Just experience the vibe of our tribe!

Who we are

We are open, honest and like to have fun in what we do helping you with the next step in your career. Curious about the ‘Tribe28 way’? Call us or send us a whatsapp massage and we’ll make an appointment to meet and talk about it!


Played professional football in another life,but retiredbecause he got to know the recruitment industry.

Jaap van de Coevering

Brings fun and balance in the tribe because of his age, Brazilian influences and his accent from Noord Brabant.


Only parttime available for this tribe, because his main occupation is flying a Boeing 767.

Martijn van der Stoop

Wanted to play baseball for the Cleveland Indians, however decided to work for the tribe.


Motorcycling, crossfit, kickboxing and studying, but making the perfect match remains his favorite activity.

Recruitment consultancy

The main occupation of every recruiter is filling vacancies and when there are large volumes of roles, most of the time that’s their only one. At Tribe28, we believe that focusing solely on filling vacancies results in missed opportunities for improvements. We understand that it can be difficult to make time for this, so that’s where we can step in to help you. If you are curious about having a closer look at your approaches, processes and tools, the next step is to contact us!

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